About the band

  Jack Static and The Racket Shack 


            Jack Hedrick - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar

            BBG - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar

            Doug Cramer - Percussion

            Jesse Ruggles - Bass Guitar


Meet the Willamette Valley’s newest premiere Blues band! Formed during the global pandemic in 2020, the band has faced many logistical challenges – but perseverance, ingenuity, and dedication has allowed the band to overcome them all! Each member is a seasoned veteran in the music industry as entertainers in other genres; the band wanted to do something for the world that would lift the people’s spirits and cheer folks up! Well, we all have the Blues in one form or another so lets give it a “rock n roll” twist and liven things up! We want to give everyone music to dance to and put smiles on faces like never before!!! 

Due to having to social distance during practice, the band’s first rehearsals were conducted in an old Barn out in the country hence the name “Racket Shack”. Soon after, the band would begin recording at a local studio. Now 2021 finds us at a precipice for live shows. With new vaccines and pandemic numbers at record lows, the band finds itself gearing up for a fun filled summer full of hope and musical industry! With a professional background and attitude, you can rest assured that your entertainment needs will go off without a hitch. Book your family friendly, fun filled spring and summer events today!!!  

Studio clips